Hi! Thanks for stopping by.

My name is Thomas.  I am a freelancer with a specialization in WordPress and SEO.  I started freelancing when I first started college back in 2007 and realized, after moving to the Philippines, how much I loved freelancing and basically….working from home on my own time.

I love building websites for the sake of putting something cool on the world wide web for people to enjoy.  That feeling when you wake up in the morning and you see people actually visiting your website and reading the content you made.  It brings purpose to my life.  I also believe that the online world is transforming and evolving quickly and more and more people are using it every day.  I don’t consider myself a content writer, though I do blog about freelancing and SEO.  I just like creating stuff online for people to enjoy.

Billions of people are searching the web every day.  Is your business the first thing that they see?  That’s how I explain the importance of SEO to people.  I realized how important SEO was when I was working on my own projects.

I currently live in Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines with my wife and 2 cats.

Feel free to browse my website.  If you need help growing your business online, feel free to shoot me an email.