[CASE STUDY] Growing a Brand New Site from 0 to 16,000 users in 3 months

This is the first case study I’ve ever done and I’ve done work on a lot of different websites.  This particular website happens to be the biggest website I have ever created and managed.

A little backstory before I started doing the SEO…..

Before I started working on the site, I asked myself “will this be worth doing?”.  Whenever you start a new project, especially when it has to do with SEO, you always have to have a strategic approach to it.  I saw an opportunity in the market.  A problem existed and I knew that a lot of people knew the problem but was not taking action to solve it.  This wasn’t an “oh I know services like this exist.  I’m just going to create the service again and put my own branding and business model on it” type of thing.  I had seen a couple, not a whole lot, just a couple of websites that were were similar to the kind of website I wanted to make but I knew my website would be better.

I did some quick market research.  Went on SEMRush did an analysis on what keywords this website was ranking for and looked at the search volume for the keywords.  To no surprise, the overall traffic was in the thousands.

I thought to myself “this has potential”.  Even if I make this website and people think I’m crazy, I knew it had potential.  SEO was not something that was huge in the Philippines but I knew if shown to the right people, it had potential.

Fast forward in time, I spent a lot of time thinking about what hosting provider I was going to use for this project which would be a whole lot bigger than any project I’ve ever worked on.  Also spent a lot of time figuring out how I was going to build and structure the website.  Most business owners think in order to have online visibility on the web, all you need is a website.  That’s it.  There is so much that goes into building a website and marketing it.  That’s like building a 70-floor building and saying just pour the cement, put in the windows, doors, and roof, and there you go.  There’s a reason it takes years to construct a building that will not crumble if there’s an earthquake or heavy rain.

Once I built the website, and this took several months to do.   For simple websites, it might take 2-4 weeks.  Once the website was built, I shifted into gear for how the SEO was going to happen.  Take note, I started doing the SEO probably over a year after the website was built.

Creating pages and assigning high search volume keyword phrases to those pages

I started creating special pages that targeted specific keyword phrases that I knew lots of people were going to search for (to this day these pages are the most viewed pages on the website). 

Creating “above-the-fold” content

Made sure these special pages were one of the first things a person saw on the homepage.

Making the website easy to browse for both users and Google

I structured the entire website so people could easily browse and find what they needed.  This also made it easier for pages to rank.

UX and UI is key

I hired a designer to create a design for the website.  User experience and design have a heavy impact on ranking.

Creating visually engaging content

Made sure each page had visual content in the form of images as well as engaging content.  I didn’t focus on the length of the content.  Most of the focus went to how much value the content had to offer.  Each page had header tags as well as different formatting styles such as bold text.

Taking advantage of high search volume, low competitive niches

Lastly, one of the biggest reasons why I was able to do so well and continue to do so well in this niche is it is not very competitive.  It is a niche that people search for a lot but not a lot of services are offered which creates huge potential for opportunity.


Could these numbers have been better?  Yes.  I didn’t create that many blog posts or articles on the website and I didn’t focus any attention on backlinks.  Most of my attention went to creating thoughtful, detailed, and engaging pages with content that targeted highly searched keyword phrases.

What is the difference between blog posts and pages?  Pages can serve as a landing page and are more authoritative in nature and are not intended to have comments on them.  They are meant to be read and shared.  Blog posts are meant to read, shared, commented on, and show your expertise.  Blog posts are really long in length and can be published as often as you want.  Pages can be shorter in length but are only published if new information needs to be posted.  If I wanted to make a post a recent travel experience I had in Jamaica, that would be a for a blog post.   If I wanted to list the top 10 resurts in Jamica with details about each resort and their contact information, that would be good for a page.  It is less personal and more informative.

Can this be done on any website?  Sure, but every website may take more time to do.  Some websites that are brand new may require more backlinks if the competition is high in the niche.  It all depends on how you approach your strategy.

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