Get Google to Crawl Your Website More Frequently

Ever wondered how often Google visits or crawls your website?  When you’ve made a big change or update to your website, why isn’t it showing up in the search results?

google last crawl date

If you do “cache:yourdomainhere” without quotes, you can see when Google last crawled your website.

You can ping Google to crawl your website by using the Fetch as Google feature in Google Webmaster Tools (Google Search Console) and running Fetch and Render which will tell Google to crawl your site.

To get Google to crawl your website frequently without having to go into Google Search Console, there are multiple factors that Google takes into consideration.

Is your site worthy of being crawled frequently?

In real-life, people will often visit a restaurant, store, or specific location multiple times because that place is worth going to.  Google treats website the same way.  Is the website worth visiting?

1. Site speed

Does your website load fast?  The quicker your website loads, the easier it is for users to see your website and browse through it.  Google likes that.

2. Multiple formats of visuals

Is your website engaging?  Does it contain images, video, download links, etc.?  The more interaction your website offers, the more Google will crawl your website.

3. Backlinks

The more (high quality) websites that link to your website, the more Google will crawl your website.  Google likes authoritative websites that are mentioned a lot.

4. Freshness

The more content you post on your website the better.  Google likes fresh websites.  Keep your readers updated and Google will crawl it more.  Even if you just update your existing content, that is also good.


Those are the top 4 factors Google looks at.  If you notice, user experience matters a lot.  Google’s latest algorithm, RankBrain, has a lot to do with user experience.  Make your website worth going to and Google will crawl it more.  Have you ever seen why if you make a post on Quora or Stackoverflow, your post shows up maybe 1-2 hours after posting it?  Quora and Stackoverflow are driven by user-generated content which keeps them fresh everyday.  But freshness isn’t the only thing that counts.

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