Getting Your Website Indexed Fast

Getting your website indexed is not hard at all.   You can confirm your site’s index status by doing a site search: “site:yourdomainnamehere” without the quotes.

google site search

The above example shows how to figure out how to see what pages or posts on your website are seen as the most authoritative and relevant to certain keyword phrases in the eyes of Google.

Fastest way to get your site indexed is by going into Google Webmaster Tools, submitting an XML sitemap (click Sitemaps), then clicking Fetch as Google.  Do both Fetch and Render and fetch the homepage and all direct links.

Fetch as Google

Google will crawl or re-crawl and index or re-index your website.  If your website was removed from the index, this is how you get it indexed again.  If you put SSL on your website, this is how to get the https version of your website indexed (and the http version removed).

Does adding your website’s link on another website or social media profile get it indexed?  Yes, but adding your website to Google Webmaster Tools is a quick way to do it since it is like “talking” directly to Google and having it ping your website.  Adding your website’s link on other websites and social media profiles will add more authority to your website.

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