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Professional SEO and Website Solutions for business owners in Las Vegas, Henderson, Summerlin, and surrounding areas.  My mission is to help business owners grow their online presence organically so that customers who are looking for their products or services will find them.

SEO Services For Your Las Vegas Business

We will work with you to optimize your website to get more traffic

Local Search Engine Optimization

Local search engine optimization (SEO) means optimizing your website so that your customers find your business locally.  This includes optimizing your pages as well as your business listings.

Website Development and Management

SEO won’t work without a great website.  We work closely with you to make sure your website looks good and performs well before doing SEO on it.

About Me

My name is Thomas.  I’ve been doing SEO for 7+ years now.  My career started in the Philippines and I’ve been doing it ever since.  My career goal in life is to use my passion for SEO to help as many business owners as possible.


Thomas is prompt with his responses, helpful and resourceful. He heard me out regarding my frustrations with indexing and Kartra’s SEO and shared his own ideas on how to make my project work out.  My web page is now ranking on GOOGLE!

Gabe Cuello
Tao of Iron

Thomas is a very responsive and responsible person to work with. I have had the pleasure of directly working with him for approximately the two years. He has worked directly under my supervision developing a couple of websites for our company along with an SEO plan.

Robert Lech
FAR Careers

Thomas is a great guy whenever we need someone to help with our website. He’s skilled in customizing websites for the web. He is always willing to fix bugs and go the extra mile to fulfill our requests. Definitely recommend him to anyone who needs help with their website and optimization!

Gerard Lozano

Answers to Your Questions

How much should I pay someone for SEO?

How much you should pay someone to do always depends on the amount of work that will be involved and how often you will be?  Will you be paying a monthly fee, hourly fee, per-project fee?  What is the scope of the work?  Are you paying a freelancer or an agency?  There is a lot to be accounted for when thinking about how much you should pay someone for SEO.  Typically, it can cost anywhere between $200 up to $4,000.

Is it worth paying someone to do SEO?

I'm biased, but yes it is definitely worth paying someone to do SEO.  SEO is very important part of any marketing campaign for a business.  Millions of people are searching Google on a daily basis.  Someone those millions of people could be your customers or clients.  You want them to find your website when they search.  This is where it is worth doing SEO on your website and paying someone to do it.

How much does it cost for SEO?

The cost varies.  Are you going to pay someone to do SEO or will you be the one doing your own SEO?  It will be cheaper if you do SEO on your own but you will spend more time doing it so it is worth paying someone who has expertise in SEO.  The cost can range from $200 up to $4,000.

Can I do SEO on my own?

Sure you can!  Anyone can.  But it will take time.  SEO is very big field in digital marketing.  Even one aspect of SEO such as link building can take a long time to learn and get good at.

Is SEO worth it for small businesses?

SEO is worth it for ANY business, big or small.  Millions if people search on Google on a daily basis.  You want them to find your website in the search results.  Typically, people love small businesses because services are cheaper and people like advocating for small businesses compared to big businesses.  But at the end of the day, every business should have SEO.

How long does it take for SEO to work?

It can take anywhere between 4 weeks (1 month) up to 12 weeks (3 months) to see traction.  It all depends on long your website has existed and your competition as well as how competitive your market is.


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